General Information

We are pleased to offer our students a delicious, nutritious hot lunch each day.  We have a wonderful cafeteria staff managed by Melinda Mendoza.   We use Meals Plus as our cafeteria management system.  Student lunches are pre-paid.  We use a declining balance system.  Students are assigned a PIN number.  Parents can view their child’s account balance and add money to the account using EZ Pay.  Checks and cash may also be submitted to the office.

EZ Pay

Hot entrees rotate daily and a lunch schedule is posted in advance on Sycamore.  Peanut butter & jelly and salad bar are offered every day.  All students choose a fruit or vegetable side item.  Drink choices include chocolate milk, skim milk, 1% milk, orange juice.  Water is also available for 65 cents.  Snack items are available for additional cost.  Except for PB&J individually wrapped sandwiches, our menu items are nut free.


Student lunch: $2.65

Adult lunch: $4.25


You are welcome to eat lunch with your child. Please call the school office before 10 a.m. to place your order.  Visitors must sign in at the front office.  No fast food is allowed in the cafeteria.  Please do not bring fast food for yourself or your child.

Lunch Schedule

Click here for student lunch schedule

Kindergarten Milk Break

Students in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten may choose to purchase milk to drink with morning snack.  This is a flat fee that parents select at the beginning of the year.

Cafeteria Reminders
  1. All checks for cafeteria accounts should be made payable to “Saint Michael School Cafeteria”.  Payment envelopes should be clearly be marked with your child’s name and grade.  Cash in unmarked envelopes will not be applied.  Money for cafeteria purchases cannot be combined on one check with other school expenses (i.e., tuition, field trips, etc.).
  2. Please make sure your child knows that if he or she has a lunch problem such as a forgotten lunch, no money, etc., he or she should always come and tell a member of the cafeteria staff about it. If he or she tells us, your child will not go hungry.
  3. We care very much about your child’s nutrition, and menus are created with the intent of providing a well-balanced meal to each child served.
  4. If your child has a food allergy, please note it in writing on your child’s August registration and this information will then be passed along in a confidential manner to the cafeteria manager.  Your child must be made aware of their food allergy and also be told to avoid these foods. We will exercise reasonable precautions to avoid incidents.
  5. If you have any questions about anything concerning your child’s lunch, please feel free to contact the cafeteria at (502) 809-1303.
  6. It is very important that your student(s) pre-order their lunch in the morning in the classroom on a daily basis.  We rely on these lunch counts in order to prepare enough food for all of our students.  When students fail to pre-order their lunch, we do remind them on a daily basis.