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Photo of Mrs. Connie Fone
Mrs. Connie Fone Office Manager
Photo of Mrs. Anna Maria Goss
Mrs. Anna Maria Goss Resource Teacher 5th-8th Grade
Photo of Ms. Stacy Hall
Ms. Stacy Hall Teacher 6th Grade
Photo of Mrs. Emily Higgins
Mrs. Emily Higgins Teacher 3rd Grade
Photo of Mr. Shawn Hoffman
Mr. Shawn Hoffman Teacher JK-8th Grade Physical Education
Photo of Mrs. Jessica Koller
Mrs. Jessica Koller Teacher 1st Grade
Photo of Mr. TJ Lechner
Mr. TJ Lechner Teacher 7th & 8th Grade Science
Photo of Ms. Vilma Makram
Ms. Vilma Makram Teacher JK-2nd Grade Spanish
Photo of Mr. Joe McKay
Mr. Joe McKay Teacher 7th-8th Grade Social Studies
Photo of Mrs. Kristina McKelvey
Mrs. Kristina McKelvey Teacher Kindergarten
Photo of Mrs. Anna Meade
Mrs. Anna Meade Teacher 5th Grade
No Photo Available
Mrs. Melinda Mendoza Manager Cafeteria
Photo of Ms. Liz Miller
Ms. Liz Miller Teacher 3 Year Olds
Photo of Mrs. Mary Jane Nelligan
Mrs. Mary Jane Nelligan Teacher Junior Kindergarten
Photo of Mrs. Ann Patterson
Mrs. Ann Patterson Teacher 6th Grade
Photo of Mr. Kevin Peak
Mr. Kevin Peak Teacher 7th-8th Grade Math