Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Our student enrollment is approximately 600 students in Grades JK-8. There are three classes of each grade level.  Maximum class size is 25 students.  Grades K-2 have a full-time instructional aide assigned to each class.  Grades 3, 4-5, and 6-8 share instructional aides.

St. Michaels Elementary School

The K-8 curriculum is sequential in all areas, and students are exposed to a wide variety of cross-curricular learning activities. Language Arts (Reading, English, Spelling, Writing and Phonics), Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Spanish, Computer Technology, Music, Physical Education, Art, and Library are taught in all grades.  Students in second and third grades learn cursive handwriting.  We follow the Archdiocese of Louisville Curriculum Framework , which is based on Core Content Standards.

Online access for parents and students to view progress reports is available through Sycamore Education. Our Sycamore Education Parent Portal encourages students to be responsible for their own academic progress and allows parents to monitor progress as well. The ability to view grades each week encourages open communication between student, parent, and teacher.

First CommunionThe classroom teachers teach Religion on a daily basis and use Jesus as a model for daily interactions. Students attend mass weekly and on Holy Days.  Students in grades K-4 attend on Tuesdays; grades 5-8 attend on Thursdays.  These smaller groupings allow Father to tailor his homilies to the children.  We have all-school masses several times a year as well.  Students in second grade prepare for their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  Students in seventh grade prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.  Students prepare special programs for our liturgies and participate as servers, lectors, cross bearers, hospitality ministers and vocalists.

Students in grades K-2 participate in Minds in Motion .  This research-validated program is designed to stimulate a child’s visual processing, auditory processing, as well as motor skills. The outcome is a better integrated and balanced child who will perform better in school and at home.

Grades K, 1, 7, and 8 participate in our “buddy program,” where younger students are paired with older students to join in creative classroom activities to encourage friendships between the “buddies”.  Buddies sit together at mass to help learn proper mass behavior and participation.  They also participate in one field trip together.

Special events for elementary students include guest speakers, Grandparents Day, Derby Parade, Kindergarten talent show, Thanksgiving Feast, Read Across America, pep rallies, Walk-a-thon, Field Day and Catholic Schools Week.  Students also participate in a variety of field trips that in the past have included trips to Salato Wildlife Center, Locust Grove, the Kentucky Science Center, Louisville Zoo, Cathedral of the Assumption, Huber’s Farm, Stage One Theatre and more.