Homework Club

Homework Club is offered for students in grades 3-8 from 3-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  There is no Homework Club on early dismissal days.  Students may attend Homework Club on any day; advance notice of attendance is not required.  

The fee for Homework Club is $5.00 per child per day.  Parents may either set up an account for their child or have the child bring $5.00 on the days that he/she attends.  All fees must be paid by Friday for the previous week. Payment may be made by check or cash.

Mrs. Barr coordinates the Homework Club.  Several others teachers will assist students on various days.  Teachers at the Homework Club will assist students with assignments as needed.

Teachers can explain directions, check assignments, and quiz students for tests.  However, the Homework Club is not intended to be a tutoring service.


Please call 502-267-6155 or email Mrs. Barr vbarr@stmichaellouisville.org