The St. Michael Mission & Philosophy


In partnership with our spirit-filled, Gospel-directed, life-giving parish family, St. Michael School is dedicated to Christ-centered education. We foster a nurturing environment of mutual respect where children celebrate their God-given talents. Through academic excellence, we inspire lifelong learners who live their Catholic faith.


IMG_3327We believe all parishioners are called to participate in the teaching ministry of the Catholic faith and to seek the support, involvement and input of this Parish Community.  We recognize and affirm the worth of all people and embrace the diversity individuals bring to our lives.  We accept the responsibility to develop the talents and abilities given to us by God.  We envision ourselves as a circle of learners, surrounding Jesus, the greatest teacher, living gospel-directed, Christ-centered lives.

Hence, we seek. . .

  • To learn as a community of faith
  • To educate all parishioners in a Catholic Environment
  • To value each person’s intrinsic worth
  • To grow in self-discipline
  • To develop our baptismal call of faith and commitment