St. Michael’s School Advisory Board

St. Michael’s School Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal. The Board is composed of four parishioners, four school parents, chairperson of the Parent-Teacher-Organization, teacher representative, Principal, and Assistant Principal.  The School Advisory Board’s purpose is to ensure school policy is written and implemented in accordance with the school mission. The School Advisory Board furnishes the support and leadership to carry out the Church’s commitment to Catholic education.

The School Advisory Board has open monthly meetings, held the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.   Non-members are encouraged to contact an SAB member with suggestions for agenda items or questions.

2019-2020 School Advisory Board Members
Mr. Michael Zanghi Committee Chair/ Parent Representative
Mrs. Michelle Flowers Parent Representative
Mr. David Karem  Parish Representative
Mrs. Stephanie Malone Parish Representative
Mrs. Genny Wenta School Representative
Mr. Adam Etienne School Representative
Mrs. Laura Szabo School Representative
Mrs. April Tretter School Representative
Fr. Steven Henriksen Pastor
Mrs. Stacy Tackett Principal
Mrs. Kristyn Bowman Assistant Principal
Mr. Joe McKay Faculty Representative
Mrs. Callie Rassmussen PTO Chair
The Roles and Responsibilities of School Advisory Board Members