At St. Michael, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer. We need your help in many ways throughout the school year.
To Become a Volunteer

If you are planning to volunteer for any school or parish ministries and activities that have regular contact with children, for example; CCD, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Coaching, Scouts, Youth Ministry, or Classroom Committees, the following are required:

  1. Background Check Authorization Form 
  2. Archdioces of Louisville Safe Environment Training Program 

These requirements help ensure that all school volunteers have been properly screened prior to working with our children. Volunteers are also trained in recognizing and preventing situations that might place our children in danger.  Thank you for your dedication to serving our youth!

Volunteer Guidelines

For safety and security reasons, all school visitors (volunteers, parents, etc.) must sign in at the front desk. All visitors and/or volunteers are required to wear a designated badge that is given at sign in.

The school relies on your volunteer support. We ask that you follow through on tasks by attending the scheduled times and giving notice of absence whenever possible.

A volunteer operates in a position of trust. Personal information pertaining to students must be kept confidential. Children’s actions, responses, progress, or problems at school are not for sharing in the community. Conversations between parents, teachers, and students in the school are confidential. Volunteers should not discuss these conversations outside of school. Refer any concerns to the Administration.

Volunteers are expected to adhere to school rules and procedures, perform assigned tasks to the best of their ability, work cooperatively with all staff, and seek clarification when necessary. Children’s restrooms are not to be used by volunteers. There are adult restrooms located in the building.

Please be proactive when supervising the children. Problems should be referred to the teacher(s) on duty or the office should be notified as soon as possible.