Why St. Michael?

We know choosing a school is an important decision.  A few of our parents share what their St. Michael School experience has meant to them.

While there may be alternatives to Catholic Education – in our eyes there are not any substitutes for our children’s education.  We work hard and volunteer our time to make sure our children are given what we feel is important – A Catholic Education!  … When I leave my children at morning carpool, I know they are safe.  In today’s world this means a lot to me as a parent.  I know they are surrounded by many friends, faculty, and staff that are there to enhance their growth.”

–Parents of 4th grader, 1st grader, and Pre-schooler

I grew up 100% in the Catholic School system.  Ultimately, I knew that when we found the Catholic Church I wanted my family to be a part of, that I would find the school that was right for our son… My son is reading things to me left and right now, and I am simply amazed.  Watching him grow and learn makes me smile every day.  That is the best.  And he really has formed some wonderful friendships… love that for him, especially since he is an only child.”  

–Parents of 1st grader

Our family moved from Ohio about three years ago, and we did not know much about the schools or the area. … My husband and I both attended Catholic schools growing up, so we did feel strongly about raising our children in a similar fashion… I took a tour of the school during a scheduled open house, and was impressed by the friendliness of everyone I met–from students to staff to parents. Everyone truly seemed proud to represent St. Michael and more than happy to share everything about the school… As someone who was truly new to the area, it was easier to make friends with other parents and families because no one grew up attending St. Michael School.  I do feel like people are more accepting of others because everyone has a little bit of a different geographical background. This aspect not only makes it easier for me and my husband, but nice for my children when they first started school and did not know anyone.” 

–Parents of 2nd grader and Pre-Kindergartener

The best part of our family’s experience has been the dedication and commitment to the school and church from fellow parents, teachers, administrators, and the pastor and pastoral staff…  You cannot attend a class party, walk-a-thon, or other event involving Saint Michael children that there isn’t wall-to-wall parents.  I also get a real feel of genuine investment in our children from the teachers and administrators; this job is definitely their calling!  Every morning in morning carpool, our pastor, Father Dick, is there opening the door for our children as they enter the doors of school and offering up high fives and fist bumps… Perhaps this simple gesture from Father will encourage our children to seek him during their educational and spiritual journey.”  

–Parents of 1st grader and Pre-schooler

Not only [is it] a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, but they also embody a young, vibrant, welcoming parish.  The opportunities are limitless.  Saint Michael’s extracurricular activities are only limited by your imagination.  There are numerous academic clubs (including homework club), art classes, and sports opportunities to encourage my children to grow into well-rounded, spiritual leaders… I truly feel that Saint Michael strives to be a forward thinking, welcoming and adaptive school that will continue to grow and prosper for our children.”  

–Parents of 4th grader and 2nd grader